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Are you seeking more peace
or joy in your life?

If you struggle with:

Eating Disorders

If you want:

Tools to cope effectively
An ability to relax
A healthy relationship with your body
A healthy relationship with food
To move forward

Or need help with:

Setting and reaching goals
Living your life with intention
Being present in the moment
Letting go of perfectionism


Managing stress
Improving overall wellness
Adapting to transitions
Changing limiting beliefs

Then, I invite you to use the tools and resources here to start developing an inner oasis for yourself.
an ability to create calm in the chaos, change old patterns, and find genuine happiness despite the circumstances.

My name is Michelle Wilson, LMHC, and I work collaboratively with women and adolescent girls to help them rediscover their strengths and create balanced wellness and success. Whether you are seeking counseling or coaching, I find that most people who see me have a desire for essentially the same thing: to create more calm in their lives, experience more joy in daily life and with relationships, and to successfully reach their goals.

life coachWhen we are able to create moments of calm and design our lives to include joy and self-care, we can make healthier, more compassionate choices for ourselves. This can help us reach our goals and dreams in ways we may never have thought possible.

If you’ve thought about working with a life coach, life is going well for you, but you have a sense you want more out of life – you want your “good” life, to become a meaningful and exceptional life. You may be feeling it would be helpful to have some fresh insights, coaching, and encouragement to help you recognize and reach your authentic goals. (Read more about the difference between counseling and coaching on the Services page.)

If you are caught in a pattern of addictive behavior, or just feel stuck in old habits, your goal has probably been to feel better. It’s important to keep in mind that all of us have coping skills, but some attempts to cope can backfire or leave us more discouraged than ever. Working with a caring therapist can guide you to shift your coping strategies and mindsets to those that are more genuinely helpful.

Through my own struggles and those of my clients, I have researched and developed ideas about what works to bring about positive changes in many women’s lives. If we work together, you’ll learn to use new coping skills, notice how your mindset may be holding you back, and change your perspective to one that is more supportive of your true goals.

counselingBeyond techniques and ideas, however, is the importance of the relationship. Together we will develop a comforting, safe and trusting connection whereby you’ll be encouraged to share your victories and challenges. We’ll develop goals together and work towards helping you find more joy and more peace in your life through the healing process of therapy or transforming power of life coaching.

You probably have a number of questions about your situation and what the next step may be. That’s wonderful. I commend you for seeking help for yourself or a loved one! I’d be glad to speak with you about how we could work together and create a life you enjoy.

Take a moment to contact me today. I really am looking forward to hearing from you.



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